Cast sterling silver.
Sara Schomp
January 17, 2003

Dear Students in the Santa Rosa High School Jewelry Class.

I regret having to leave at the end of this semester, but I appreciate the part of a semester I had working with you. You have been an incredible class. How could a teacher EVER hope to have such a collection of talented and enthusiastic people all in one room at one time!

I hope you have good luck if you continue in the class for this semester. I apologize for building your hopes up with the promise of casting, enameling and working on the Sculpture Jam Sculpture. I had intended to remain to the end of the year. I sincerely hope you all get an opportunity to work on those projects in your future.

I had to say goodbye because the conditions for me working in the classroom could not be met and therefore I had to depart. I appreciate the school district’s willingness to continue paying for me to remain. Someone really seems to care about your class and wants it to happen. To whomever that is I think you should give thanks, because you have really had a unique experience for high school students.

If you wish to contact me you can send an email using the contact or email “button” on this website. I am the web worker for the site, so anything you write will come directly to me without going anywhere else. I will be happy to answer any questions you have about your work, and if you send me photos, either digital or regular, I will add them to this website for you.


Sara Schomp
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Title: Small Building Burning in the Universe
Artist: Sara Schomp
Glass enamel on copper, fine silver and enameled building. 4" X 6" one part of 9' X 3' kinetic sculpture